Patient Partner Voice Connect

What is Patient Partner?

Patient Partner is an automated telephone system which aims to give patients an easy way to contact the surgery.

We are currently in the testing phase and will be initially offering blood test and blood pressure appointments via our new booking system. You will also be able to order your repeat prescriptions.

Benefits to Patients

  • Can access 24/7 round the clock.
  • Reduce waiting time in call queue.

Benefit to Surgery

  • Reduce number of complaints due to longer call ques.
  • Solution to manage reception or prescription team shortages.
  • Solution to manage plan appointment & campaigns (Flu).


How it Works

Repeat Prescriptions

Why are we using it?

We have listened to feedback from our patients about call waiting times. This new phone line will allow you to book an appointment using our automated system, without waiting to speak to a receptionist.

How does it work?

Patients who want to use the Patient Partner service just need to call the surgery on 01908 766961. You will be asked to enter your patient identifiable data e.g. Date of Birth and phone number.

When you have been verified, you will then be given options to book an appointment or to order a repeat prescription. (Please note: To order a repeat prescription you will need your 6-digit pin number (which is the first and last 3 digits of your NHS Number).

For certain types of appointments (which are not routine), you may need an additional 4 digit booking code – this will be provided to you when you are asked to book the appointment.

How do I find out my NHS number?

Please visit Find your NHS number – NHS ( for advice on how to obtain your NHS number is you do not already know it.

How do I register?

We are inviting patients to try our new system and will roll this out slowly in the coming months. When this service is available to you, you will be notified via text message.

What if I want to cancel an appointment, I have made via Patient Partner?

Patient partner also allows you to cancel your appointment without waiting in the reception call queue. You just need to call 01908 766961 and wait for the cancel an appointment option.

Is anything changing?

Patients will no longer be able to order repeat prescriptions by email. You will need to log via the website or on the Patient Partner telephone system.