Issues for PPG and Wider Communication to Patients

Why does it take so long to get through to the surgery by phone? Are there other means of communication that I could use?

The pandemic has changed the way GP practices work and patients are encouraged to minimise visits to surgery. Because of which we no longer book on the day appointments at desk. This has led to all the patients contacting us through phone and hence the long queues.

If your request is not urgent, we advise calling after 09:00 and booking routine appointments online.

I want an appointment to see my GP but must go through Triage. Why? It was not required before lockdown.

Firstly, it’s to check if you are free of covid symptoms before you come in for a F2f appointment at surgery.

Secondly, we now have clinical staff who specialise in different areas such as Minor illness Nurse, Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Physician associate. This builds scope for a tele- appointment and being triaged first, while the more complex patients can be seen by a doctor in the same time.

Can I book a phone appointment with my GP?

Yes, you can.

When I try to make an online appointment, none are available. Whilst my condition may not be urgent, with time, it may worsen. Are appointments being withheld deliberately?

Both Face to face and Telephone appointments are now available online to book.

Why must I travel to the other Practice Site to see my GP/Nurse? I do not have my own transport.

Now that we have merged, we are giving our patients the choice of what site to go to, if you cannot reach the other site then obviously we would try to accommodate you.

To clarify, post -merger, we are one practice but deliver services at two sites.

Do you only deliver certain services such as cardiology screening on one site or both?

At the moment it is just at our Whaddon site, but going forward our plan is to have this at Water Eaton

Is the Practice still undertaking home visits for those elderly and vulnerable patients who cannot get to the Practice?

Yes, we have always and continue to do so.

To help me understand the problem of obtaining an appointment, just how many patients are there registered with the Practice?

We have 21,425 patients registered as of 15 June 2021

During lockdown, are you still undertaking blood tests and routine screening in a tent?

Not applicable any more.

Are you still running Diabetes and Baby clinics?

Yes , we are.