Practice Team

Management Team

Toni Fisher

Practice Business Manager

Toni has worked at Whaddon Healthcare or as it was originally known Whaddon House Surgery for 29 years, starting in reception then working for a number of years as a Health Care Assistant before going into management. Toni has been the Practice Manager for the last 14 years is involved in managing all of the business aspects of the practice, such as making sure that the right systems are in place to provide a high quality of patient care, human resources, finance, patient safety, premises and equipment and information technology.

Toni enjoy all aspects of patient contact especially when attending our Community sessions,she always welcome Patients feedback and urge Patients to join our excellent PPG ‘Patient Participation Group’ who are both a critical friend and support.

Vicky Kettle

Deputy Practice Manager

Sharon Rust

Branch Manager

Sharon has been with Water Eaton Health Centre since August 2001 as Practice Manager. Since the merge of the business, she is now the Branch Manager at Water Eaton Health Centre, still looking after the patients.

Nivedita Dubey

Assistant Practice Manager – MSc Global Healthcare Management (Coventry University, 2019)

Niv is the Assistant Practice Manager for Whaddon Healthcare. She works at both sites and believes in patient-centered healthcare and keeps that as the focal point of her work.

AJ De Silva

Business Analyst

AJ joined Whaddon Healthcare in 2019. AJ is responsible for IT and leading technical process improvement.

Mel Quail

Reception Manager and Gynae HCA

Mel has worked for Whaddon Healthcare for over 10 years. She has experience in Cardiology, Respiratory and Gynaecology. Mel organises the events for Whaddon and is passionate about the local community and fundraising.