Patient Participation Group Registration

Whaddon Healthcare has an active Patient Participation Group (PPG) that meets at six weekly intervals by rotation at both the Tweed Drive and Water Eaton sites. We meet on a Wednesday at 4 pm in the afternoon.

The PPG is an informal group of Patients, whose purpose is to assist the Practice with the improvement of current services and development of new services for patients We act as a ‘critical friend’ and to support the Practice with the running of additional events, such as patient education evenings.

The PPG has assisted the Practice by providing autism training, tested the Patient Partner telephone system before rollout, assisted in delivering many patient education evenings on various health topics. These include issues such as cancer, stroke, heart attack and diabetes. In addition, we were instrumental in undertaking a disabled access report into the suitability of the Tweed Drive site.

All registered Patients are welcome to attend any meeting of the PPG without giving prior notice, but it is always helpful to be forewarned so that a proper introduction to the PPG by the Chair can be arranged.

The PPG would particularly welcome participation from younger people and patients from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, disabilities, and longer-term disorders. This enables us to more accurately represent a wide range of views of the Patients that the Practice serves.

We encourage our Members to contribute with their views, however, we do not by convention, discuss personal issues which are a matter between yourself and the Clinician.

If you are interested in hearing about the activities of the PPG, but cannot/do not want to attend meetings, please complete the form below to receive Newsletters and invitations to contribute to the Group activities online.

Patient Participation Group Registration

Patient Participation Group Registration

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